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Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Sometimes it's never too late.

All a bit Alice in Wonderland at Spurs.
The JimmyG2 Column
Actually in terms of achieving things, and catching planes it often is. We don't always need to hear the fat lady to know the opportunity has gone.Top Four? Forget it. That particular important date has gone for now.

But it's never too late to play some entertaining football or put in some effort and make the best of a bad job.

We left it too late, not in the Newcastle game, but in the season and the stable door was bolted at Newcastle just as the horse, Champions League, out of Billionaire Plaything and Eye Watering Wages disappeared over the horizon.

We faffed around for half an hour playing mainly amongst ourselves at the back until Chadli had the bright idea of having a shot on goal. Much too far out to beat Crul but it swerved a little, dipped a little, bounced in front of him and went in the corner.

About then we realised that Newcastle were not going to give us too much trouble. We invited them out to play but they were washing their hair and couldn't make it.

Young Ayoze Perez showed some nice touches and looked hungry but he was feeding off scraps and eventually starved to death though it was his counter attack that led to the goal.

You would have thought  constant showings of the Ameobi 6 second goal in the first game against Newcastle might have alerted us to the need to keep it tight for at least a minute  after half time.

But straightaway on the restart Chadli lost it on the half way line and Perez is off sensing a lite bite at least. Eventually Colbeck scores after Janmaat's shot is blocked by Dier.  Nearly 18 seconds on the watch so that's an improvement of sorts.

I'm not behind the sofa for long. Within a quarter of an hour Eriksen pulls off one of his teasing free kicks and curls one inside the far post from near the touchline without anyone getting a touch.

Lamela's usual prancing decoy run fools no-one and it goes in anyway. 2-1 Spurs and instead of enjoying the last half hour I'm anxious for the whistle to blow. Can we be trusted to see it out.

 See it out? O ye of little faith. Lamela breaks following a brave header by Mason and sets up  Kane who coolly scores his 30th. Lineker's record lies ahead. The youngsters show up again.

Our three top scorers on the score-sheet and our top assister making an overdue start contributing again. Chadli has been a bit off since his compassionate leave following the death of his father but he usually gives glimpses of quality.

The kid from Argentina is another that at least shows some heart as well as skill. Suited for the Premiership?  Not on his showing so far but he's young and could still come good. Levy won't take a big money hit on anyone so our most expensive signing will have at least another season.

Success, like beauty is of course in the eye of the beholder and depends on what criteria you apply and how harshly you apply them. Of the Magnificent Seven bought with the Bale money only the two above make the grade.

Soldado has wormed his way into our affections,  as has Vlad Chiriches but neither can be filed under 'The boy done good'. Lamela and Paulinho have their supporters but the Jury seems to have got lost on the way back to the courtroom.

While we're on the subject of success do we think that this has been a successful season, assuming we make 6th which is where most people including Musings had us marked down for  from the start.

With a Cup final as a bonus and Mauricio operating in hand me downs from a previous regimes I would certainly give him a vote of confidence on his performance so far though some of his decisions have been eccentric to say the least.

By beating Chelsea and Arsenal we have put down markers for the future but our performances against the so called lesser teams have been disappointing verging on the insipid and tending towards dire.

Saturday's game against Southampton like the Man.Utd showdown could be a turning point either way. I'm confidently predicting a tentative 1-1 draw which will leave the whole thing hanging in the balance.

So what would success look like for next season? Forget top Four and winning the Europa unless Levy splashes the cash pre-season. But we know how well that worked out the last time he left his wallet on the bus.

Could we make the Champions League next season. As Alice remarked. "one can't believe impossible things." But the Queen advised her to practise and in time like her she could believe six impossible things before breakfast. That might do it.

Priority for me though is to get some pleasure out of watching Spurs. I don't want to be praying for the final whistle with half an hour to go. Let's have some entertainment Mauricio.

Secondly bringing in our own and developing young talent gives me more satisfaction than buying silverware with expensive imports. I want the club to have some real investment, some personal stake in the game.

It would be good to see some progress in terms of a better challenge for top four even if we fall short. The key for me is the football not just the result. Playing with spirit and heart: style and flare.

 I don't need to quote Danny Blanchflower about not waiting for the opposition to die of boredom do I.

Jimmy's Video Spot.
Ten minutes of joy from one success story at Spurs this season. He's small, he's too young to be losing his hair, he can't tackle and he's been a bit inconsistent lately but he sure can hit a ball with mean accuracy. I like the boy.

Wednesday, 15 April 2015


Daniel and Baldini went to see this after the Bale money arrived*

Well it was bound to happen. Sacked manager returns and inflicts a third defeat against the manager that replaced him. Were you watching Daniel Levy.

The only goal was scored by Benteke who has been revived like Adebayor by Timothy. Pity he couldn't work the same magic on Roberto Soldado. Not that it matters now. Our season came to an end at the hands of not so crazy Louis a few games ago.

Only pride remains and even the Academy boys are spent. Except Danny Rose of course who would be a runaway winner of the player of the season award but for the emergence of  Harry Kane. There's a thing. Apparently a target for Man.City for £10 million.

Or is it Chelsea? Or even Real Madrid, But why would we sell him? Give him a new contract, double his wages and even make him captain as a reward for improvement and endeavour. We won't get anything better for that sort of money.

I say only pride but what else matters when it comes down to it. But something has gone wrong at Spurs. Harry bereft of any sort of service is now trying to do it all on his own. That's not what being captain involves Harry.

Eriksen, Chadli, Mason, Bentaleb and others who raised our hopes earlier seem to be out of energy and imagination. Kyle Walker, Lloris and Vertonghen are injured or sick. Others are out of favour. We are but a shadow of our former selves.

Pochettino seems to have shrugged his shoulders and turned his back on this season. and is looking forward to Summer signings and next season.

Why isn't Lamela starting. He shows more energy and effectiveness in 10 minute cameos than others show in the whole game. Why isn't Dembele giving Mason a rest?

Why are substitutions made so late? Perhaps Mauricio is dropping broad hints about the limitations of his squad to him upstairs. 

But the pedestrian football we are serving up is not acceptable. Against Aston Villa the pattern established against Burnley continued. Slow build up, sloppy passing and very limited signs of passion and spirit.

Now this  young squad will develop under Pochettino if he gets the chance. That's not a given with quick draw McLevy in control. With Yedlin (21) making a promising start and perhaps Pritchard (21) to step up next season the future is still bright.

But that doesn't excuse lack of effort and interest for the rest of this season. Nor the Head Coach not giving other players and formations a try now that we have only 'pride' and  the UEFA to play for.

Daniel will be more than miffed if we miss out on that £10 million or so. That's enough to buy at least an arm and a leg of a reasonable striker. A good one will cost.......Fill in the punchline for yourselves.

We are exactly where I thought we would be with bonus of the League Cup final but we were on the verge of achieving more. It's not so much the fact that we have missed out but the manner in which we did so..

This is the way the season ends not with a bang but a whimper. spursyid 61put his finger on one aspect in a thread on ftl. He observed that since the Lyon game 2 yrs ago only six players in the eighteen  man squad that day still remain at the club.

It has long been my contention that the constant churning of players, and Managers/ Head Coaches, is a serious impediment to the progress of the club. More churns than United Dairies as my Gran used to say about her stomach.

I lost a dog once through a United Dairies milkman. I was a kid playing in the street with a a scatty cocker spaniel. I fell and dog came over and started licking me boisterously.

 The Milkman, Dave, thought it was attacking me and lashed it with his horse whip and it shot off never to be seen again. Horse whip!. Don't see many of them on the streets today.

Curiously I don't recall the dog's name. But we only had one milkman for years and we had a dozen or more dogs when I was a kid. Sorry to digress but at least it takes your minds off the football.

I am looking forward to exciting times that I can enjoy and a future of fulfillment and not just hopes. Then perhaps I can put away my enthralling reminiscences and concentrate on the happenings on the pitch.

I wonder how many of the current squad and indeed manager will be at Spurs in another two years. There is no continuity, consistency or cohesion possible under this approach.

 The buying policy has been clueless and the selling policy crazy. I make that the five C´s of a club that seems to delight in shooting itself in the head rather too often.

Mauricio is struggling at the moment but needs to be given time to implement his ideas and continue his work with our own grown before we fall foul of the foreign player/ own grown balance. Which is probably why City want Danny and another reason to keep him.

I have no great hopes for the Newcastle game so we will probably hammer them three or four nil.

* Viv who died this week blew her big win in some style. In today's terms it was worth about £10 million. Wouldn't even buy half a decent footballer. Ya hear me Manuel Pellegrini.

Jimmy's Video Spot:
Possibly my goal of the season against Burnley. Absolute quality from Soldado and movement, desire and ability from Danny Rose who points  exactly where he wants it. You may well ask what on earth was he doing up there. Best not.

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Is there Life after Burnley?

 For Death read Burnley: For hell read UEFA:
Bit over the top Jim but still.
The JimmyG2 Column

Here's a new game to get us through the end of the season and beyond. Is there a beyond after the end of the season? Of course there is: next season. There's always next season. The Afterlife as we believers call it.

Each week we will supply a performance continuum on which to plot your reaction to the game. It's free to enter and your current subscription will cover it. A small charge may be necessary in the future to cover administration costs.

(Owing to a printing malfunction the continuum sheets are not available this week. Watch this space.)

Why am I avoiding talking about the actual game. Obviously you didn't see it. The clue is that this weeks axis runs from Unacceptable through Uninspiring to Pathetic. Inept and tedious are somewhere along the line too.

Let's take the positives as they say. The back five revamped at half time due to an injury to Kyle Walker played OK. The undervalued Michel Vorm made a couple of decent saves and we kept a welcome clean sheet away from home.

The exciting, but not always in a good way, Vlad Chiriches made a decent stab at centre half and then at right back. Davies was bloodied at centre half and wasn't much worse than anyone else.

Danny Rose was one of the few to show any concern for the result and I made him MOM once again.
He gets into good positions and then wastes them but at least he gets into good positions.

Mauricio might take some cheer from the defensive performance against allegedly lively forwards but seems to have over compensated in his team talk to remedy our defensive failings.

 Chadli woefully out of form started again. No Lamela, Dembele, Fazio or Soldado. Even the mighty Andros can't make much of an impression in eight minutes. He struggles to do so at Spurs over the full ninety. England is another matter

Is Mauricio saying something to those up above about the limitations of his squad and its balance or is he still juggling his players and formations. Does he not yet know his best team as the pundits would have it

With our Academy contingent visibly wilting  and the rest looking forward to their holidays lacklustre doesn't even come close. Must put that on the performance continuum (which as I explained we haven't got) for this week.

The first ten minutes tells you most of what you need to know. Lately Eriksen's late goals have given the lie to my theory that how Spurs perform for this period is the key to the result.

But against Burnley I noted a dozen basic errors of control and passing, four of them by Walker, in this period. Then I snapped my pencil in frustration and ceased noting.

 Burnley incidentally should have been a goal up in two minutes but Danny Ings managed to find Vorm when scoring was the easier option.

 We had only a couple of shots on target in the whole game. Making Harry captain was asking for trouble. He had little service and consequently did little.

The game was crying out for Eriksen to step up but he didn't. Brazilian International Paulinho was possibly the worst player on the pitch and raised a cheer for the most inept attempt on goal this season or perhaps even longer.

So we played out a tedious draw when with Liverpool getting thumped by a resurgent Arsenal and City going down to a revitalised Crystal Palace a win would have put us enticingly close to a challenge for top four.

Twas ever thus at Spurs. They raise our hopes and then falter at the moment of delivery. And you know what they say about hope.

Perhaps the City loss puts things in perspective and Burnley have had good results against higher flying teams than us including both the Manchesters and Chelsea. But perspective is for historians not fans.

Of course I would have taken our current position at the start of the season and still would. With a seven point gap between Southampton in 7th. and Swansea in 8th. there is little likelihood of us avoiding the UEFA  as some would like.

Wednesdays and Saturdays; Thursdays and Sundays. As bad burnt as scalded. It allows the manager to explore the darker depths of the squad, keeps the fans off the streets, and is worth a lot more this season and could even lead to the Champions' League by the back door.

So there you have it. A missed opportunity. All games are ' must win' at this stage and Villa certainly is for a variety of reasons. The Sherwood factor looms large but whatever the result he will claim the credit for it.

Jimmy's Video Spot.
This is what I'm talking about Mo. Take a leaf out of Bro Schillings book. Before the game, during the game and after the game. Fire them up and get that dressing room jumping. No more first ten minutes lethargy.

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Spurs: 50 ways to leave the fans frustrated. Update.

 Number 51: Do it in style, Kyle.
The JimmyG2 Column.
Chas and Dave have got together to update the 70's Paul Simon hit '50 Ways to Leave Your Lover' with a Tottenham version called '50 ways to really frustrate your fans and make victories seem like losses'.

Now Paul actually only came up with five ways but Tottenham are much more creative than that. But not in a good way.

It's out on ' Heartbreak' Records and the release date is April 1st. Lyrics include 'Slip up at the back Jan' and 'Make a new plan, Mauricio man'.

The game against Leicester went more or less to plan. 3 points against the team at the bottom of the league. And never forget the table doesn't lie. Leicester are bottom for all sorts of reasons and will get relegated whatever Nigel Pearson says about bad luck and poor refereeing.

So an early goal and then the Spurs supporters normal fervent hope a second both by Mr. Harry Kane who makes his debut for England later in the week. Just a ten minute cameo I expect but still the best of luck to the boy.

 All this in the first 12 minutes. The first was a tap in following a corner ; the second an in-off a defender which I think has been credited to him. Now the fans could relax and enjoy the formalities. Not just the crowd unfortunately.

Clearly Nigel and Leicester hadn't read the script. Before the hour was up they were level. A quick breakaway and an unmarked defender from a corner. Items 24 and 27 on the '50 ways' Tottenham list.

But the football gods took pity on us in our despair and Harry gets his hat-trick with a cool penalty following a push on Rose in the area. With the withdrawal of Sturridge he might get 20 minutes after all.

Then Paulinho, surprisingly good, mainly due due to our low expectations, sets up Eriksen who signals the required pass but a heavy touch leads to a mix up with Schlupp and Schmeichel.The gods are still smiling and the ball ends up in the net.

 Two deflections already. What can possibly go wrong. Well here comes item 3, a complete nonsense by a defender. Not by Walker either who has sections all to himself in the 50 ways list. (45/47).

 This time it's by captain Jan Vertonghen  wherein lies another tale of woe. Keeper put in hospital by own defender within a minute of the start. Actually I think that's a new one for the list. 51 up and counting. Do it in style, Kyle.

Lloris is rumoured to be not as badly injured as first feared and should be back for the Villa game on April 11th. Number 28 on the list is injuries taking much longer than predicted to heal. Don't hold your breaths.

We play out time for a 4-3 victory. I use the word loosely. And so the saga of the Premiership top four 2014/15 goes on.  Man.Utd did themselves no harm by beating Liverpool and probably us no good either.

 On the bright side we now have five in the England squad, four of them home grown. I think getting injured playing for England is 20th on the list but as they won't get more than an hour between them we should be  OK this time out.

If you get on lads. Make Jimmy proud:
 'Play like a lion, Ryan': 'Show them who's boss, Andros'
'I'm a really big fan, Dan': 'Don't dilly dally, Harry'.
Kyle Walker: nuff said.

Incidentally No.1 on the list is out-playing the opposition and failing to put our chances away.
But we didn't do that against Leicester. We had more possession but they had more shots on target.

Which prompts the question,'Why are you shooting so badly, Chadli?'.
Jimmy's Video Spot:
The original 50 ways by Paul Simon.
Some very apt lines: 'The problem is all inside your head': 'It grieves me so to see you in such pain'
Plenty of rhythm here. Perhaps we could borrow some.
Anyway we're getting there slowly and I am a very patient supporter.

Cheer up it's not so grim, Jim.

Friday, 20 March 2015

A Smoking Gun at The Lane

 'If you can keep your head' the season is not over yet.
The Greg Meyer Column
Sir Walter Raleigh Day   20 March 2015.

A Smoking Gun at The Lane.
My most vivid memory of Leicester City , a “smoking gun “ moment,  occurred recently on Saturday 24 January at the 90th minute . Michel Vorm was left stranded staring at a smoking gun held by Jeff Shlupp. Spurs 1-Leicester 2. More properly called a “Michel Vorm “ moment.

Sir Walter Raleigh has a lot to answer for. Born in East Budleigh, Devon and apparently an adventurous sort when he turned out for ye olde Budleigh United. Budleigh have him immortalized with a Statue in the village. Very fashionable at lots of football grounds.

 British Tobacco paid for the statue and thereby hangs a tale. Sir Wal  Sailed home from Virginia on Sunday 27 July 1586 with a brand new product that was to take the world by storm. 

Before  coming home from the Colonies  Sir Walter rang  his boss in London, Sir Bob Newhart. The conversation went a little like this from Sir Bob’s end.

“ Its nutty Wal again.

   You have another winner Wal? … tobacco?  What’s tobacco Wal. A leaf … you’ve bought 80 tons of leaves.

What do you do with tobacco Wal?

 You can shred it, put it in paper, roll it up and put it between your lips. And then what Wal.

And then you set fire to it Wal.”

The cigarette was introduced to England. Smoking entered the dictionary as did smoking and guns. There is no official word on whether Michel Vorm was a smoker. Probably not given his status as an elite athlete. Still it doesn’t worry Jack Wiltshire.

 What is certain is that after the “smoking gun “ moment against Leicester he gave up . The dangers of guns, smoking and a combination of both is well documented.

Back to that moment against the Foxes. The shooter, Jeff Schlupp, prodded the ball in a gentle lob, arcing innocently towards Michel. Arriving in the “safe “ hands of our Dutch number two the watching throng then witnessed a Shane Warne nightmare.

 It may as well have been a hand grenade. Whatever the ball, hitherto harmless, squirmed slowly and horribly from the keeper’s gloves and unbelievably across the goal line. A googly. Never! They wouldn’t know how to spell cricket in the Netherlands.

Our group were devastated. It was a difficult tube ride back into London surrounded by happy Leicester fans. Consolation beckoned with a great meal at Richoux’s in Picadilly followed by the “The 39 Steps” at the nearby Criterion. But  that smoking gun moment still hurts. Out of the FA Cup.

Revenge, apparently a dish best eaten cold, looms on Saturday. New smoking regulations however won’t eradicate the prospect of another smoking gun moment at the Lane. Hugo Lloris should help there though.


The shooting star that is Harry Edward Kane of Chingford continues in the ascendancy. Our pub have run a gamut of emotions with Harry over the past  twelve months.

Early scepticism, guarded optimism, awakening belief, emerging disbelief, mounting joy and ecstacy against Arsenal. We are almost true believers. Perhaps we have become superstitious, greedy for more. I mean with no other striker on the go then the pressure on our man is enormous.

 Of course he will now score his first England goal. Just after a brace against Leicester. And won’t they believe then …

At A Kent Pub.

There was no smoking gun at Old Trafford. More like a damp squib. Our touted young guns showed some weakness. Youth is not always all. The inconsistency of form and the  inability to perform on the big stage week in week out are all part of the youthful learning curve.

Leicester at the Lane is not as big a stage. Especially when fourth spot hopes have been severely dented. Still the optimism of youth keep emerging. Nabil Bentaleb opining this week we are still in for it.

So on the day that Sir Walter was released from The Tower of London let's hope the shackles are off Spurs tomorrow.

Cheers … mind he died 2 years later .. not from smoking but the small matter of execution by beheading … Greg Meyer.     coys. 

Jimmy's Video Spot. 
Bob Newhart: The tobacco sketch.
Big in the sixties and still going strong. Remind you of anything?

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Spurs trying something different.

Spurs face an uphill struggle to finish
 out of the Europa places.
The JimmyG2 Column.

I well remember one of our first managers, Albert Sisyphus as I recall, who set the pattern for Spurs. Albert was an unorthodox coach who cut his teeth in the Athenian amateur league. Probably before your time.

One of his training techniques  was to get the lads to roll a giant ball up a steep incline and just as they approached the top he sounded a klaxon and they let the ball roll back down again to the bottom and started again.

Spurs still use it today. Harry showed a fondness for it the year we got robbed of the Champions' League place by Chelsea.  Mauricio seems to have adopted it too.

 It's a variation of the two steps forward, three steps back routine which Spurs have made their own over the years.

My grandfather remembers the Albert Sisyphus ball logo on the shirts in the early years before Spurs moved to the site of a chicken farm on the High Road when the cockerel logo was adopted.

We went into the Manchester Utd. game approaching the lower heights and hoped to make it three away wins in a row at Old Trafford. But the klaxon sounded at kick off  and the ball rolled back down towards the lower depths.

They out-thought us and out-fought us and in truth we were thumped. They eased up at 3-0 and we drew the second half  0-0. The game passed all our players by and once again Danny Rose was the pick of a poor bunch.

Rooney had a laugh at his own and our expense; Fellaini and Carrick ran riot almost unopposed, Fazio's ability in the air might have helped and Dier's inexperience was cruelly exposed. Dembele might usefully have started

 Lloris should not have been beaten from that angle. By this time the milk was well and truly spilled and it's no good crying now. Hugo was slow to confront Rooney neatly set up by Bentaleb for the third though Dier probably confused them both.

We sold Carrick to Utd. over 8 years ago but could still use his calm control. Kyle Walker who was wild beyond comprehension needs to take a leaf out of Carrick's autobiography 'My life as a Zen Buddhist'.

The lift that a win would have given us might have been decisive but with all our immediate rivals gaining points it looks as if the ball is firmly stuck in a Europa slot. With an 8 point gap between us and Stoke in 8th the Europa place is ours to lose.

With a full weeks rest after our last game we certainly can't blame fatigue after a midweek European game. In fact it was just like old times where we were beaten in our heads before we took the field. Still work to do Mauricio on and off the pitch.

If we beat Southampton we might make sixth but we are unlikely to finish any higher. Our moment seems to have gone for this season. Henderson's fluked rebound goal to give Liverpool victory over Swansea was an indication of the operation of the fickle finger of fate.

Can one game make this much difference? Well yes if you take account of who it was and most importantly the way we played. This was a tired performance lacking spirit from the players and imagination from the coach.

The sight of Adebayor in place of the 'injured' Soldado gives an indication of our level of  desperation. The last chance saloon banned him months ago but there he is still was propping up the bar.

With Leicester Burnley and Villa  next up things might look different in three weeks time but I somehow doubt it.

Jimmy's Video Spot:
For the first goal Carrick moves quietly into the wide open spaces of our midfield and sets up Fellaini unmarked  with a measured pass.

For the second we fail once again to clear the ball from a set piece and Carrick scores with a well placed header from the penalty spot though Dier was almost certainly fouled by Fellaini the build up.

For the third Bentaleb kindly squares the ball to Rooney; Dier mixes his feet up and Rooney makes no mistake from 6yds. Cue knockout blow.

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

All change at Spurs.

Sit down; fasten your seatbelts; hold tight and keep your hands inside the car.
The JimmyG2 Column.
That's what I'm talking about. Two must win games and we won them both. Not something that Spurs can always be relied upon to do. The memory of the previous two games almost expunged.

Against both Swansea and QPR, we won by the odd goal again and gave ourselves a fright with late concessions but neither game was as close as the scorelines (3-2 and 2-1) suggest.

Against Swansea we won with goals by Chadli Mason and Townsend which meant that neither Eriksen nor Harry Kane scored which is in itself a rarity these days.

 In our last ten Premiership games one or other  have  been on the scoresheet in eight of them scoring some 14 goals  between them.

 But it was normal service resumed at QPR where Harry scored both to put himself amongst the leading Premiership marksman  ahead of his alleged rival for the England squad Charlie Austin who hit the bar when scoring might have been the simpler option.

Were you watching Roy? Actually he was and duly impressed licked his pencil and underlined our boy's name.

Let's hope though that this is not the usual Tottenham striptease act for the run in. Swansea: bra strap off the shoulder. QPR two bra straps off the shoulder. Man Utd, both straps back on, cardie and raincoat too.

We've tried the full blood transfusion approach with the Magnificent Seven. Now we're on the Pochettino Exercise and Fitness regime with small but regular infusions of young blood. It's early days but it seems to be working.

The late concessions are a worry but straight out of the Ardiles Coaching Manual. You score three we score four. It has an element of the Tottenham way about it but is not good for the supporters' nerves.

Currently only three teams have scored more than us but only five teams have conceded more. Nine of our last twelve wins were by 2-1. So it's a fine balance that Mauricio needs to address. And all in front of a world class keeper.

We have the worst goal difference of the top seven by some margin and it might be a crucial factor in the final analysis. After Man Utd at the weekend we have  a benign sequence of fixtures. Although that doesn't always work to our advantage.

Against Swansea we played pretty well with Mason and Bentaleb strong in midfield. Chadli returned to the scorers with a well taken opener  from a Danny Rose cross. Townsend used his pace to good effect to score our third with a 50yd run.

In the meantime Mason made a determined surge to score after good work by Eriksen and was amongst two or three contenders for MOM.

Old boy Gylfi inevitably scored against us to make it a nervy last ten minutes as did Sandro for QPR. You couldn't make it up.

At QPR Lloris and Kane were exceptional; Walker's brain went missing for one mad moment; Dier continues to improve; Townsend doesn't but set up Harry for a brave header for the opener.

QPR might have had a couple early on but we would still have won because that's the Spurs way these days and I'm getting used to it even if I don't enjoy it. However I'm slowly coming round to living on the edge.

Kane's second from a fine through ball chip by Mason was interesting. Against Fiorentina Chadli set off with Soldado and between them they cocked it up completely. This time Chadli looked offside and was waved away by Kane who was not.

Did Harry realise this? Did he remember the Soldado incident? Or was this a supremely confident striker saying 'It's all right Chadders : I've got this? Anyway he rounded Green and scored unaided.

Roberto please note. If you want a job doing well: do it yourself. If he ever gets another opportunity of course. This time though Chadli supplied enough width to put Green in two minds.

Can we make top four? Of course we can. Will we make top four? Who knows? Teams fighting for their lives can be difficult opponents and most of our remaining fixtures come into that category.

Leicester (H) Burnley (A) Villa (H) Hull (H) Everton (A) with Newcastle (A) and Stoke (A)with nothing much to play for. That leaves two vital clashes with rivals for top four: Man Utd (A) and Southampton ((A) and Man.City (H).

I'd take a draw in all three of these top table clashes but nothing less than a win will do in the others.The more you ponder it the better or worse it looks depending on your state of mind.

A majority of fixtures are away. It's certainly do-able but will it be done. I can certainly see 19/20 points in that lot but we might need to surprise ourselves.

10 games at two points a game would give us 70 points which might just be enough. Anything less and it's touch and go. Sit down; fasten your seat-belts; hold tight and keep your hands inside the car. Oh; and enjoy!

Jimmy's Video Spot. Goals and Highlights v QPR.
 Is Harry just supremely confident. Whatever it is he deserves his opportunity. Say what you like Emmanuel you gave him his chance and he took it.